Andi Serpenti

Andrea Zura aka Andi Serpenti Cosplay was born in Youngstown, Ohio and currently resides in Campbell, Ohio.

Andi has been cosplaying since 2015 however her love for nerd culture and animals has been in her heart since she was a little girl. The youngest of five children, two of her elder brothers are mainly responsible for her early interest in the comic, anime, and video game genres.

A great lover of books, she is always reading something different, her long time favorite is the Harry Potter series. This combined with her favorite childhood tv shows such as Batman the Animated Series and Xena Warrior Princess would later become inspirations for many of her future cosplays.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Andi is always trying to learn new techniques to challenge herself and improve her skills.
Andi aims for extreme detail with all of her cosplays and often adds her own little touches to the characters she chooses to portray. It is this attention to detail and natural charm she uses while portraying a character that has not only earned her the praise of many but led her to winning costume contests as well as being featured in various cosplay related articles online.

A firm believer that everyone is beautiful inside and out, and that there is no wrong way to cosplay, Andi hopes to help inspire people from all walks of life to cosplay, just as she was inspired by others in the cosplay community. Taking a cue from one of her favorite musicals, ' The Rocky Horror Picture Show', Andi's message to those who want to cosplay but may be hesitant to do so is, "Don't dream it, Be it."

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