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Jim Decker

For over 20 years Jim Decker has been one of the most respected Celebrity Agents in the comic-con/convention business. He represents legendary names like Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters, Deep Roy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Star Wars/Star Trek/Doctor Who, Linda Harrison of Planet of the Apes, G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama, WWE Hall of Famer the Honkey Tonk Man, Joyce DeWitt of Three's Company, and many more! When not booking actors for events he is also an actor himself having appeared in multiple episodes of the television series My Name is Earl and in films like Little Creeps with the late Dustin Diamond of Saved By The Bell where Jim played the main Little Creep. He was also the agent and best friend of the late great Robert Z'Dar of Tango & Cash and star of the Maniac Cop trilogy. 

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