Stan Bush

Stan Bush is the 80's Rock Singer who is beloved by Transformer fans and is a worldwide icon for his songs "The Touch" and "Dare" from Transformers: The Movie. "The Touch" is heard twice during the movie, first when Optimus Prime begins his assault on the Decepticons, and again as Hot Rod opens the Matrix. The song was used again during the climactic scene of the cartoon episode "The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2". "Dare" is also featured twice in the movie: first as Hot Rod and Daniel race back to Autobot City, then when the Autobots crash their ship through Unicron's eye. Both songs appear on The Transformers: The Movie - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and a video was done for "The Touch." 

Stan's "The Touch" is also featured in the live action movie Bumblebee and is on the movie's soundtrack. 

"The Touch" is considered by most to be an anthem for Transformers fans around the world, “The Touch” was remixed in 2013 by High Moon Studios for their hit video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It has also been featured on ABC’s The Goldbergs, NBC’s Chuck, FOX’s American Dad, in RBN’s Guitar Hero, Deep Silver’s Saints Row IV and in the motion picture Boogie Nights. In 2014, Stan was inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame.

Recently Stan performed two songs and did two music videos for the Netflix Transformers Anime show War for Cybertron, the songs are "True Believer," and "Heat of Attack." 

Stan Bush will be on hand during both days at Warren Comicon to meet and greet with fans. He will also be performing a live concert Saturday evening December 4th at the after hours party starting at 8pm located at the Bar/Restaurant area of the hotel, you won't want to miss it!